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Advice and Assistance From the Experts

Your passion for creating value is as significant as your desire to keep the growth-oriented dynamic going. By networking with the B2B consultancy experts, you hone your skills, build new business connections, and expand your circle of influence.

The Key to Business Growth and Longevity

Steer that brilliant business idea toward the right path and overcome any challenge along the way. Next to monetary capital, knowing the right direction to take is the most worthwhile investment you can make. This way, your chances of growth and longevity get a big boost.


The Entrepreneurial Connection

Take it from this business expert eager to coach you every step of the way. At Destiny Driven Business Services, LLC I can help you navigate the tricky financial, creative, marketing, and management aspects of the business. In the process, you will  establish that strong market foothold, broaden your business influence, and expand your network.

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About the Company

Destiny Driven Business Services, LLC is a B2B consultancy and multiple business service provider located in Nashville, Tennessee. Destiny Driven Business Services, LLC company is owned and managed by Corlissa Jackson.


My mission at Destiny Driven Business Services, LLC is to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with an operational and strategic approach that will lead to their success. I believe that knowledge is power, and by offering a strategic outlook of the industry, I enable my clients to make informed decisions and stay competitive within their desired market.


Looking ahead, my vision is to become the go-to destination for business services in the Nashville, Tennessee area. I aspire to be the trusted partner, providing unparalleled expertise and guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners, empowering them to achieve their dreams and drive economic growth.

From Corlissa Jackson

true native of Memphis, Tennessee, I am the youngest of five siblings and a second-generation business owner within her family. I had the opportunity to discovered my entrepreneurial spirit early on, successfully managing my high school's small business, "Creations by Knights." 

After graduating, I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Tennessee State University, where I proudly became an alumna. My commitment to education continued as I earned a Master's degree in Human Resource Management from Strayer University.


With a strong desire to share my knowledge, skills and abilities with small business owners and the entrepreneurial community, I obtained a Small Business Consultant degree from the International Association of Professional Career College. By 2021, I established my very own online B2B consultancy called “Destiny Driven Business Services, LLC.” 


The company is currently an accredited small business with the Better Business Bureau in Nashville and is registered and licensed through the Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett. 


Through my company, my ultimate goal is to leverage my wealth of experience and knowledge to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

My dedication to their growth and expansion is fueled by the passion that I have cultivated throughout my personal and professional journey.

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Phone: (615)  800-4308

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